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Thoughts about Kotori

Just a quick entry about something that's been nagging on me for quite a while now.
I like Kotori. I find her adorable, I like her design, and how she's worrying over Yuma can be really cute.

But I'm starting to really disapprove of what the writers and animators are doing to her.

I don't think I have to illustrate this. Every person paying at least a little attention should know what I'm talking about.
It's the fanservice that's getting more and more blatant and weirder with every single episode. And I'm not talking about the shipping fanservice (though I'm starting to joke that Yuma/Kotori already has more backup than Yusei/Aki ever had), but about all the shots of Kotori almost always showing her from low angle views so that her skirt really has a hard time covering anything of her.

Maybe that wouldn't bother me as much, if it wasn't the only effin thing we see of her. I just watched episode 27 and I was rolling my eyes at every new tracking shot showing how loli Kotori looked in her newly acquired cheerleader uniform.

And don't get me even started on the new ending.

It already annoyed me with Aki how she became nothing but a sex object (look at her TF6 ending shot. LOOK AT IT! They couldn't make it look more like she was having sex with the hat guy if they tried!). But with Kotori it's getting on my nerves even more. Maybe because Aki at least had something like a character development and was sorta important to the plot. But I guess it's mainly because Aki was at least of legal age. If I see Aki's cleavage, I'm just shrugging by now because that's how YGO main females roll. But I always feel really awkward when I can as good as look up Kotori's skirt. (It's a horrible task to search for Zexal fanarts on pixiv, believe me x__X)

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no case against the female lead getting more screentime! But if it's the kind of screentime that has her mindlessly but enthusiastically waving around her skimpy loli skirt all the time without contributing anything to the plot (or her own character for that matter) except for being the damsel in distress every once in a while... I think I'll pass :/

Man I'm literally dying. it's so effin exhausting reading this it's not even funny. I'm pretty much forcing myself to go on with every single page.

I do find it entertaining at some points and I guess I do like John, Rose and Dave, but... Every time there's something interesting happening the plot jumps to a completely different place. Maybe I'm just being a big wuss, but the way this story is told is so strenuous to me!

And everyone was telling me this would get totally epic a soon as the trolls show up. Now some of them did and I still don't find it any more interesting. The opposite is the case, they're giving me a headache and I'm starting to wish the original quartet would get back to interacting more with each other.

I want to get further because I still hope there will be all the awesome stuff happening that people told me about, but I have to stop for today. 
My eyes are hurting and my brain is tired, mostly still from the intermission between the third and the fourth act x__X

Soooo I started reading Homestuck.

The last time I tried I failed to get past the drop dead boring beginning of this whole thing, and had a really hard time getting the hang of how to cope with the seemingly nonsensical storytelling.
But lots of people told me I just had to struggle through the first part because it would get ZOMG amazing later on. So today I gave it a second try.

I'm at the beginning of the third act right nao and I'm still utterly confused as to what's happening, but at least it's not so boring I want to stab myself in the eyes anymore and  also some of the characters are starting to grow on me. John for example. Or Rose. Yeah, I guess I really kinda like these guys so far. In any case, their parents rock. Dave could be pretty okay, too, but the beginning of his story was boring me even more than anything else, even though I really started to like it later on. I guess I dunno what to think of him yet. Only thing that's starting to get on my nerve is how Jade is soooo adorably quirky and such a special little snowflake. But I don't wanna judge the characters before I've caught up with everything.

The one thing I really enjoy about Homestuck is the pretty awesome music and background noises when there's an animation. It really sets an intensive mood.

Yeah, that's all I can say for now. Gonna continue tomorrow.
Gotta go to bed now, the last four days we spent with fail partying hard all over the place and I'm effin tired XD

33 Tintin icons!

A bunch of icons that gathered on my hard drive. Felt like sharing :3

4x Tintin
10x Haddock
2x Calculus
2x Rastapopoulos
8x Tintin & Haddock
1x Tintin & Snowy
1x Tintin & Rastapopoulos
1x Haddock & Allan
4x speech bubbles

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Important question about Pokemon

Reading "Black Adventures" right now (yeah, I'm horribly late to the party) and finding it utterly adorable and hilarious.

But there's one thing that keeps confusing me to the point where I really don't know what to think anymore :C

What is bad about having Pokemon battles for fun? It was always said that Pokemon are competitive creatures and like trials of strength.
Is it bad to have fun having Pokemon battles? Because I really like most of the stuff about this comic, but it's supporting so many ideas that I just can't get my head around! Like the idea of "if you have more than one or two Pokemon, you cannot care about them all", and only training that Pokemon you have so it can protect everyone, and only fighting to protect peeps and not earning badges through battles but through saving the gym leaders 8D

Another comic in progress, done by Zeurel on DevArt for the PCBC, is promoting a similar idea. The protagonists almost never makes her Pokemon use offensive attacks.


I always was completely sure I  am against everything that N and Team Plasma stand for. But now I somehow feel bad for really enjoying Pokemon battles and really liking the idea of being the old fashioned trainer traveling across the land searching far and wide to be the very best like no one ever was :C

Okay, I really need you guys' opinion on this.


Yeah, it's that Pairing Meme again

Six Pairings I Like (I like way too many. Gonna go for the pairings I drew fanart of lately)
1. Haddock / Tintin (Tintin)
2. Shark / Yuma (YGO Zexal)
3. Noah / Mokuba (YGO DM)
4. Kotetsu / Karina (T&B)
5. Hakushaku / Albert (Gankutsuou)
6. Daryan / Ema (AA-AJ)

Three Ships I've Abandoned
7. Astral / Yuma (YGO Zexal)
8. Kotetsu / Barnaby (T&B)
9. Snape / Harry (HP)

Three Ships I've Never Liked
10. Keith / Ivan (T&B)
11. Diego / Mia (AA-TaT)
12. Calculus / Haddock (Tintin)

Two Ships That Have Piqued My Interest
13. Tintin / Chang (Tintin)
14. Kaito / Shark (YGO Zexal)

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Tiger & Bunny?

First things first: I really liked T&B. I loved it like nobody's business. So I probably should have seen it coming, cuz that's usually how things work out for me: first season's over now, and I'm sitting here, hating almost everything about it.
I planned on writing a long ass rant about all the major and minor things that just annoy me to no end (with the whole character and development of Barnaby leading the way), and maybe I will some day, but I just can't bring myself to do it right now. I just got back from sam_cc AND the Connichi, so I'm pretty much dead right now. 

Let's just keep it short and say: Damn that was a disappointment. So many idiotic worn out plot devices ALL over the place (engineered public confession sequence gooo!), completely irrational storytelling (I mean, I KNEW Kotetsu was not dead but... duh? Also wow Yuri, you're such a badass mofo, killing a braindead old man), all the heroes being completely useless (SIX HEROES VS ONE SINGLE OLD MAN! And still they couldn't do anything!), and UGH at every scene containing Barnaby. UGH at Barnaby being the most whiny, self-righteous, self-centred, immature, overrated bitch of all time.
Oh but I forgot of course he's allowed to behave like that. After all, DID YOU KNOW HIS PARENTS ARE DEAD??

I'm seriously wondering whether I should put this on private, cuz last time I mentioned something slightly negative about Barnaby I got scolded for bashing this poor guy when he has such a hard fate DD:
But I know I've got some guys on my f!list anyway who really love the show and who adore the ending, and somehow I feel the need to apologize to them, cuz I don't wanna spoil anyone's fun >__>
I still have lots of hope for the second season to make things better. (I know I'll be disappointed, like I almost always am, but hope dies last.) Also, there were three scenes that made me squee, which were Ivan visiting Edward in prison (*squeals like an idiot* I thought they had forgotten all about Edward *thinks of Saiga and his boyfriend*), Karina reading a book about how to pick up sexy guys like Kotetsu and OMG ISAAC AND TONY sitting together in one room, watching TV, eating cupcakes and being boyfriends! T/////T ...What do you mean, you don't know who Isaac and Tony are, GTFO ;O;°°°

This is probably just me being an enormously touchy idiot about matters like continuity, characters that are supposed to be imortant doing nothing but standing on the sidelines or being only available by half the dozen, and of course the topic of antagonists again.

EDIT: LAWL u guise keep on trolling. Seems like I cannot voice my opinion in this fandom without getting bashed by people (who don't even know me) over at Tumblr for not liking their perfect little show. This never happened to me ever before and proves to me that this fandom is seriously sick as fuck.
I could make this entry private, but I don't feel like letting these people forbid me to speak my mind.

I'm being away to Newcastle now, but this needed to be done.

After being able to get my hands on some English scans of most of the Tintin comics (don't worry, I own most of them irl, but they're all in German 8D), I decided to write some summarizing LJ entries, one for each comic.

But I'm not going to summarize the plot, because most Tintin-fans already know what's going on, so what's the point. Instead, my summaries are going to be about the characterization of our favourite intrepid reporter Tintin, his loyal friend Haddock, and especially the development of their relationship, which is why I'm starting with "the Crab with the Golden Claws", since this is the comic of Captain Haddock's first appearance.

(Warning: My comments are hinting at slash every now and then. Everyone who feels offended by this should either not pay attention to me being an insufferable shlasher or ignore these entries in general ;D
Also I want to add that I don't claim this to be academically correct or complete in any way or form, it's just me having fun with some panels from the comic.)

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Something about Pokemon

Rewatched a few episodes of the very first season of Pokemon. While doing this, I realized there's something that always bothered me, and I just need to get this out of my system nao Ò^Ó°

I hate how in the Pokemon series they always depicted evolution as something negative, especially when evolutionary stones were involved. 
I hope they wanted to go more into the "the Pokemon has to be ready and shouldn't be forced" direction. But the way they stressed how the Pokemon would "never be the same" and all made it seem like a horrible thing to let your Pokemon evolve.

Look at Ash! He didn't evolve a single Pokemon he owned throughout the first season. The only one that did was Charmander, and when it became Charmeleon it started ignoring him, and with Charizard it felt like it almost hated him!

The worst offender is Pikachu though. I know Pokemon is a status quo series and I never wanted or expected Ash's Pikachu to become a Raichu. But the way they approached the matter everytime the topic of Pikachu's possible evolution was brought up always made it seem like evolving your Pokemon meant you don't trust them, like you are breaking its pride, forcing it to become something else against their will. 

This would be all very ok, if there had been a few episodes bringing up positive aspects of evolution, too.
But instead they made it look like every sane Pokemon would prefer to stay the way it is. Every single time the topic of evolution was addressed, it was made clear that you never ever should even THINK about letting your Pokemon evolve forcing your poor Pokemon to become something else. Just look at episodes like #014 "Electric Shock Showdown", #40 "The Battling Eevee Brothers" (Brock didn't even ASK Vulpix whether it liked to evolve, he just said "I don't wanna force it."), #051 "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden" or #068 "Make Room for Gloom". 

As a child, it caused me serius issues about training my Pokemon and letting them become stronger. My biggest problem though was the fact that one of my favourite Pokemon always has been Raichu. I always was afraid it'd become completely different, not recognize me anymore, or even hate me.
Up until today I always hesitate when about to give my Pikachu a thunderstone. 

But this is ridiculous. This game/show is all about training little monsters and their evolution! Is it so wrong to be proud when your cute little Totodile becomes a strong, awesome Feraligatr? :C

Now I have to admit I never watched the Japanese version, but I can't imagine it was depicted much differently there, because the plots of some episodes basically built around the sentiment of "NEVER LET YOUR POKEMON EVOLVE!"

What were they thinking?

/Pokemon is srs bsnz.

Movie Quotes Meme

1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions. That's cheating and it ruins the fun.

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